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Baby photography Sydney, Cake Smash

Cute, Natural, Artistic

It is a golden time to take photos of your baby since they are born to 1 year old. They are developing their capabilities day by day and each stage is special with one thing in common: cuteness.

After the newborn photos, the best timing for baby photos is 4-5 months. At this stage the baby can focus on camera and show their expressions, laugh, and appear curious. You will be surprised to find when you flip the baby over and let them do the “tummy time “pose, he/she can push up with the hands and smile at you! This is a signature pose for babies at this age.  When the baby passes this stage, they start flipping over by themselves and you may not be able to have them stay in that pose!

The next timing for baby photos is 8-10 months when the baby can just sit by themselves confidently. At this stage, your baby can sit and play with props, clap hands and giggle! You can imagine how fun he/she will be in the photos.

The cake smash session is perfect for this age as well. We tailored the cake smash package for babies at this age which includes bubble bath sessions (bubble bath sessions) or family photo sessions. You can also book the cake from us directly. There is a range of cakes for you to choose which suits perfectly for the baby to smash!...

We are experts in baby photography Sydney. We will capture those treasured moments that bring smiles to everyone’s faces when they look at the photographs. Taking pictures of little ones is an art that we have perfected. Our baby photographer Sydney is talented to create the perfect moment to freeze the baby’s innocent poses that are priceless.

With our baby photography Sydney, we let the parent choose a theme or we can suggest a few and then provide the perfect backdrops to create the desired theme.

We have been doing this for a long time, we are experienced dealing with babies, therefore the baby photo shoot Sydney can quickly build connections with the little one and so they will enjoy the photoshoot.

Getting the right pictures requires the best baby photographer Sydney has ever seen and we trust that we have the best behind that camera. Our photo gallery will attest to that.

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You can book the best baby photography Sydney today. We are proudly offering affordable fine art grade photography services in Sydney. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our work as well as discuss ideas for a unique shoot for your little one. Call us now and let us talk.

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