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The cake smash shoot is a great idea to photograph the babies when they approach 1-year-old.
The best timing is around 8-10 months when the little ones can just sit by themselves before crawling away or standing.
We found the cake smash is usually not enough and the bubble bath session is always popular, so we put them together in the package.
For the babies who are not interested in the cake and cream,
we created the “🍩 Donuts smash”, “🍉 Watermelon smash”,
as well as the “👨‍🍳 Little chef ” (flour play), and “📖 Book reading” setups…
Now, you can choose whichever they may enjoy the most!

* There’s no theme/setup you are looking for?
Please feel free to inquire with your sample photos,
we are excited about the new challenges! 💪

Due to the size of the pictures, the loading may take up to 15 seconds 🕒
They will show up below 👇
We do appreciate your patience 💗

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